Pick the Right Optical Mouse pad For Your Optical Mouse

Choosing a right optical mouse pad for your optical gaming mouse is actually more important than it seems in the first place. You should know that because of the way the optical gaming mice work. Optical mice use a light source under the mouse to detect movement relative to a surface. Optical gaming mice work best on surfaces with non-reflective qualities. For example, glass, paper, varnished wood aren’t able to detect your mouse movement as well as on materials with darker illumination qualities.

How to pick the right optical mousepad

Optical gaming mice perform best when there’s no dirt, dust or other external substances on the surface where the mouse is used. To achieve that, You will need to pick a mousepad with surface material as dense as possible. We recommend sticking with well-known brands with authority on the market. There are Asian companies trying to match the western market. Their products do look very similar and professional looking. However, bear in mind, that materials they’re using are almost always nowhere near the quality of optical mouse pad brands.

Some brands we are confident to suggest: Steelseries, Logitech, HyperX

Best hard mousepad for optical mouse

There are may reasons you should own a hard gaming mouse pad. One good reason is that dirt doesn’t affect it as easily as a regular soft mouse pad. The density of the surface material is much higher than cloth so it will block dust and dirt much more efficiently. The optimal choice for this case in our opinion would be Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad.

logitech g440

If you’re looking for the pinnacle of the hard gaming mouse pads, then Logitech G440 is designed to be one from the beginning. It features the latest polypropylene upper layer technology to grant you the lowes-friction surface. Strong, multi-layer construction will enhance your gaming experience and more importantly, suits perfectly with your optical gaming mouse.

check-best-price-amazonBest soft mousepad for optical mouse

Steelseries Qck is arguably the best option in the soft mousepad category. It barely costs anything and has all the qualities to offer dark field illumination to help your optical gaming mouse to perform at its peak. Another strong argument for this mouse pad is it’s price. You might it’s cheap because low-quality materials were used. But on the contrary. The high quality rubber and cloth is meant to last for years.


steelseries qckConclusion for best optical mouse pad

If you’re specifically looking for an optical mouse pad, feel free to be guided by our suggestions. Our picks for that matter include two wholly different mouse pads from very different price classes. Whether you’re into cloth or hard gaming mouse pads, You should now know which kind of mouse pads to look for.

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