Redragon M601 Review – Cheap And Powerful Gaming Mouse

Redragon is well known for its budget gaming gear. Not just for the price, more for the quality you get for the minimal cost. The fact that they’re such a well known and widely used company is great for the consumer. That’s because before buying the product you desire you can read one of the many reviews about it online. This allows you to make the final decision much easier and prevents getting a product you’re not satisfied with.

Best mouse under 15$ – Redragon M601 Centrophorus

Like I said before, its good to buy products which are widely used and have a lot of reviews online. Lucky for you, the Redragon M601 is one of the most sold Redragon products. Some people don’t like the fact that a lot of people have the same product because it won’t feel special. I understand that having something unique feels good but in the end, you want something that works. And this product has been proven to work good thousands of times.Redragon M601 TOP

Pros and cons of the Redragon M601 Centrophorus

When checking the pros and cons of this budget gaming mouse you’ll be surprised – pleasantly.


  • Durable cable and mouse feet
  • Smooth feel and good grip
  • Weight tuning possibility
  • 18-month warranty


  • Backlight doesn’t distribute equally

The design of the Redragon M601

The dimensions of the mouse are 124 x 71 x 39 mm. The body of the mouse is made out of ABS plastic and it has the classic Redragon red and black colorway. To make things a bit more exciting and give it a cool look in the dark, it has also been given a red backlight. The plastic has a nice feel to it and it has a rather good grip. This makes it easy to make fast movements while still having good control of the mouse.Redragon M601 Centrophorus Side and USB

The Redragon M601 has a 1.8 m, 3mm thick, braided, high strength USB cord. These are a bunch of fancy words to describe one mouse cord but it basically means that it has a strong cord which has been made even more durable by braiding it. It also has Teflon mouse feet. They make sliding the mouse a lot smoother and easier plus they’re durable. To sum it all up you get a product that’ll last quite a while, for a rather small amount of money.

Technological aspects of the Redragon M601 Centrophorus

The mouse has an optical sensor which provides you with up to 2000 DPI. It works accurately with accelerations up to 15G. Although 2000 DPI may sound a bit low but if you’re familiar with the eSports scene, everyone uses low DPI. For example, pro CS GO players usually use DPI’s of 400 – 800. That is because it gives you more control over every small mouse movement which is really what you need to be super accurate.

The mouse has 6 buttons, 2 of which are programmable side buttons. You can assign any function you want to these buttons to make browsing the internet or your gaming faster and more efficient. It also comes with a weight tuning set which consists of 8 x 2,4 g weights. This allows you to adjust the weight to the one you’re used to or start experimenting to find the one that suits your hand.Redragon-M601-Bottom

Should you buy the mouse?

If you’ve gone through the whole article without making a decision to buy this mouse then this probably isn’t for you and you want something more expensive and fancy. But if this isn’t an option and you want something that gives you great value compared to the money you have to put in then get this mouse. It’s a best seller for a reason!



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