Do you need a specific Minecraft gaming mouse?

Did you know, that Minecraft has sold more than 100 million worldwide copies over various platforms? This makes it the second highest selling video gaming of all time! Tremendous interest for Minecraft has helped it evolve in many different directions. The game offers a lot to gamers who just like to let their creativity take over and dig and build for countless of hours. Some people just like to casually spend time with their friends and play Minecraft as a great pastime activity. But there’s also a huge PvP and other custom game modes aspect to the game. In order to do all of that with optimal immersion and convenience, you might wonder which is the best mouse for Minecraft.

What are the key features of a best Minecraft gaming mouse?

It is said, that user preference makes up about 90% of a gaming mouse. Since Minecraft is quite a minimalistic game when it comes to user input, the main qualities you would be searching for is reliability, ergonomics, and comfort.

Most of the normal computer mice are able to serve these qualities in the beginning. But as the time goes by, all kinds of anomalies might start to occur. For example, the cord might wear out and your mouse isn’t that responsive as it used to be. For wireless mice, the battery life will grow shorter and shorter. These are just a few reasons why it could be a good idea to invest in a decent mouse for Minecraft.

Minecraft PvP Gaming mouse

steelseries rival 300

There is no need for countless gimmicks for a Minecraft PvP Gaming mouse. You’re looking for something with good performance, affordable and reliable. A great choice for this matter is Steelseries Rival 300 Optical gaming mouse. This particular gaming mouse has all you need to dominate the PvP battlegrounds:

  • Zero hardware acceleration. Ultimate precision guaranteed.
  • Six programmable buttons.
  • Configurable DPI, up to 6500.
  • High longevity. Up to 30 million click switches.
  • Really affordable compared to other high-end gaming mice.

The Rival 300 is a great pick because it’s extremely viable in other video games. Should you be also interested in CS GO, LoL, Overwatch – the Rival 300 will do its job flawlessly.


Wireless Minecraft Gaming Mouse

For casual Minecrafters looking for flexibility and cordless freedom, a wireless mouse is a perfect pick. Things you should keep in mind when looking for a wireless gaming mouse: battery life, wireless connection signal strength and of course, affordability.

amazonbasics wireless mouse

Our pick for best Minecraft gaming mouse, in this case, would be AmazonBasics wireless mouse. The main reason we have picked this mouse for you is that it has all the qualities at the best price level. Since it’s from Amazon’s own product line, they can afford to basically ‘give away‘ great mice at such a low price. The main features for the AmazonBasics wireless mouse with nano receiver are:

  • Standard, 3-button mouse with a nano receiver
  • Powerful 2,4 GHz wireless signal
  • Receiver could be stored inside the compartment attached inside the mouse
  • 1-year warranty


Did you find yourself a mouse for Minecraft?

Hopefully, this article helped to shed some light on your options for Minecraft gaming mouse. As we already stated in the article, the 90% is actually user preference. But if you really don’t know which gaming mice to choose from and maybe wish to use the mice for other games you play, this article should certainly help you out.

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