Is a Mouse Bungee Worth It? Top 3 Mouse Cable Bungees

Mouse bungees aren’t exactly new products on the market but they’re still something that a large part of gamers don’t know about or just don’t think highly of. For some reason, gamers have gotten the idea that they are just some useless decorations that don’t benefit anyone except the companies that produce them. The truth is that mouse bungees will take your game to a whole new level by hugely increasing your consistency. Which means that a mouse bungee is worth it when used correctly! That still doesn’t mean there’s one magic product out there that you have to get. Over time they’ve greatly evolved and you have different types of products to choose from. Although there is a huge variety of them to choose from I’m going to talk about a few of the newer products on the market that have gotten positive feedback from a variety of gamers.

Das Keyboard Pro Gaming Mouse Cord Bungee Review

das keyboard bungee mouse cord holder

If you look at this bungee mouse cord holder you can instantly tell it’s something different and in a good way. The futuristic, almost Star Warsy design makes it fit great into most gaming setups. The simple and clean design combined with the high-quality materials also give it a really high-end feel and look.

The Das Keyboard mouse bungee is a lot smaller than it looks on the picture with dimensions of 93 x 83 x 140 mm. Despite that, the head of the bungee is still long enough to give you a drag free gaming experience. Thanks to being made of rubber it easily fits in any cable and it stays there tightly.

You may think that the Das Keyboard Division Zero bungee mouse cord holder can’t be stable due to its compact design. That would be right if it would be just a piece of plastic like most other bungees are. The Das Keyboard bungee is equipped with anti-slip feet and it has a weighted base. This guarantees you that it will stay put even during the most vigorous gaming.


Airfox 3-Port USB 3.0 Data Gaming HUB Review – Best Mouse Bungee USB Hub

airfox mouse bungee USB hub

There’s a fair amount of mouse bungee USB hubs on the market and they all have that cool futuristic look. Most of them have more of a crab or scorpion-like design, not a spaceship design like the AirFox mouse bungee USB hub. Although that may be a perk for some people, this isn’t the reason we have chosen it to be the best.

The dimensions of the Airfox 3-Port USB 3.0 Data Gaming HUB are 116 x 103 x 110 mm. It’s low enough to fit easily into most gaming setups yet still have no negative effect on the bungee itself. Another feature which makes it suitable for any gaming setup is the 7 different backlights. This is a feature that most other mouse bungee USB hub’s don’t offer. Even the high-end Roccat Apuri which has been crowned the best mouse bungee by most gamers, including us.

The technological aspects of this bungee make it stand out from the crowd. Unlike most other, the AirFox mouse bungee has USB 3.0 ports. It allows data transfer at speeds up to 5 GB per second. It may not seem like such a difference but when compared to the 480 MB per second speed of the USB 2.0, it does make a huge difference.

The bungee itself is of high quality. It fits most mouse cables easily, even braided chords. It applies almost no drag on the mouse, giving you almost of a wireless mouse feel.


Zowie BenQ Camade Mouse Bungee Review – Best Standard Mouse Cable Bungee

zowie benq camade mouse cable bungee

Although I call it standard, the only standard thing about Zowie Camade is the fact that it has a classic metal spring mechanism. Everything else about it is innovative. The way the spring works and the beautiful triangular design are a new phenomenon on the market.

First off, the mouse cable bungee is rather small with dimensions of 98 x 94-125 x 72 mm. The height can change due to the adjustable spring. The purpose of the adjustable spring is to let you choose how much tension you want on the mouse cord. The longer it is, the less tension it will apply. This system is unique to the Zowie BenQ Camade, which makes it perfect for gamers who want a very customized gaming experience.

The head of the mouse cable bungee is made from rubber. This makes the product compatible with any mouse. No matter the thickness of the cable, the stretchable head can take it in and hold it firmly. The bungee has 4 rubber feet which hold in steadily on the table, despite its low weight of 245 grams.


So Is A Mouse Bungee Worth It?

The reason why so many gamers doubt the mouse bungee is that it’s something you have to try to understand. It’s just like getting a high-end mouse pad or a monitor. The lower class models do the job but once you’ve used the high-end one, you never want to go back. Using a bungee gives you an edge over other players by boosting up your consistency by eliminating any possibilities of the cord getting snagged behind something on the desk. You’d also be surprised how much smoother and easier the mouse moves after getting rid of the 4 feet of cord you usually have to pull around. To conclude it all I want to say that a mouse bungee is worth it. Especially when considering the low amount of money you have to pay for such an improvement to the overall gaming experience.

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