What is the perfect CS GO Keyboard like

Counter Strike is a game which has been around for a long time. It is one of the ‘evergreen’ competitive games almost every LAN party and tournament can’t get without. In fact, at the time I’m writing this article, a huge CS:GO LAN tournament is taking place in a university next to me.

However, back in the day, there weren’t any specific CS GO gaming keyboards. Gaming peripheral industry wasn’t blooming as it is now and people had to settle with random keyboards they could get their hands on to. Luckily for us, there is plenty of quality keyboards to choose from now. Maybe even too many. Every manufacturer claims to be the one to make the ‘best CS GO keyboard‘. The reason of this article is to actually filter the best out of the ‘best’.

Qualities of a best CS GO keyboard

To clarify why I have picked the following keyboards coming up later in this article, I will now present the qualities I have based the decision on. Also, they might come handy in the future when you’re picking a keyboard by yourself.

  • #1 First and foremost, you don’t need to start inventing a bicycle by yourself. Take a look around and see what the current pro gamers are using. When a player or a team is successful with a particular keyboard, no doubt that the same keyboard will probably work for you as well. Most of the pro streamers list their gaming gear and accessories in their Twitch channel while streaming. Also, most of the big teams like FnaticTeam EnVyUs, Virtus.pro are sponsored by big gaming keyboard manufacturers. Most likely everyone on the team is using the same keyboard, and the sponsors are usually listed on teams’ homepages as well. So finding out what keyboard a certain pro is using shouldn’t be an issue.
  • #2 In this article I am not going to explain why your gaming keyboard should be a mechanical keyboard (I’ve done this already in THIS ARTICLE). But still, I am going to explain which switch type should a CS GO gaming keyboard have. Most of the gaming keyboards include Cherry MX Red type switches.
    Cherry MX red

    What a Cherry MX Red switch looks like

    There’s a simple reason for that. They have relatively small actuation force, meaning that you don’t need much force to apply to trigger the keystroke. The light-weighting makes your in-game moves more rapid and greatly improves your reaction time. Naturally, both of these factors play a crucial role in FPS games.

Our picks for CS GO gaming keyboard

Tesoro Durandal and Tesoro Colada

The first pick nicely follows the principle #1. Guys at Na’Vi and Virtus.Pro are using Tesoro keyboards. Most of them are using Tesoro Durandal, but some of them favor the Tesoro Colada. Tesoro might not be as big and popular brand as Razer or Steelseries. But if it has already gained trust among many pro CS:GO players, it obviously can compete with the mainstream brands.

Tesoro Durandal

Tesoro also fulfills the #2 requirement – it has the Cherry MX Red switches. It also has a 6-key rollover feature, which allows you to press 6 keys at the same time without making that annoying malfunction ‘beep’. This means that this keyboard can process very fast keystrokes.

So next time you’re wondering why pashaBiceps or Neo is doing so great in a tournament you now know about their reliable tool – The Tesoro Durandal. It’s also a real bargain compared to other high-end mechanical gaming keyboards so Tesoro would certainly be my top pick.

Corsair Vengeance K70

The next potential weapon on your road to CS:GO domination is made by Corsair. It is mostly seen on the gaming desks of Team SoloMid. Corsair Vengeance K70 is available with Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Blue switches. The difference between red and blue is that blue switches have a little bit more tactile feedback and make more of an audible click while pressing the keys.

Corsair Vengeance K70

Another cool feature about this keyboard is its looks. It has backlit keycaps, and the main keys for gamers(WASD, numbers from 1-5) are contoured. So you could find them more easily in dimly lit environments. The whole keyboard has an anodized aluminum look, which really gives it a professional feel and aura.

Corsair Vengeance K70 is the top pick for many professional CS:GO players, and it also has elegant and professional grade looks. This is the perfect tool to get your AWPing skills to the same level as the Team SoloMid.

The Verdict for Best CS GO Keyboard

Remember that nothing beats true skill and hardcore dedication. However, CS:GO gaming has advanced to a point where lots of details come into play. Gaining an extra edge thanks to a special mechanical CS GO keyboard may get you to a next rank or help you win a tournament. Choose your tools wisely to become a better Counter Strike player today.

Tesoro Durandal is a loyal companion to many professional players and at the same time is very affordable. In the other hand, Corsair K70 has really professional grade design and is a perfect addition to everyone willing to try out the Cherry MX Blue switches. Both of these keyboards are built to last and are totally worth the investment.

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