Redragon S101 Vajra Gaming Keyboard Review

Redragon S101 Vajra is meant for gamers looking for professional level quality for an affordable price. While not the most known brand in elite level gaming, Redragon has won the hearts of many gaming enthusiasts. It’s eye-catching red/black design and illuminating LED lights will leave no-one cold.

Quick look at Redragon S101 Vajra

  • 104 standard keys, 19 keys without conflict, 12 multimedia keys, splash-proof, interchangeable Arrow and WASD keys, WINDOWS keys can be disabled for gaming.
  • Keyboard: Laser-engraved keys, 5 ft fast USB cable, 3mm diameter high-strength braided fiber cable.
  • High-tech ABS construction with LED lighting.


Redragon S101 Vajra Review


Vajra has the layout of a standard 104 key PC keyboard and that’s the only feature that it’s standard about. It has 12 extra multi-media keys and the keyboard is designed to register up to 19 separate keypresses at the same time. It’s a true treat even for the most demanding MMORPG enthusiasts. Windows keys, of course, can be disabled during intense gaming moments. Keys themselves are laser-engraved, meaning that most probably the keyboard would die mechanically before the engraving would wear out. The S101 Vajra is connected to the PC by 5ft extra strong braided high-speed USB cable.

redragon s101 vajra gaming keyboard

It should be noted that Vajra is completely splash resistant and You can freely enjoy your favorite beverages behind the computer desk. It even has drainage holes beneath so that the excess fluids could flow out without you having to tear the whole board apart.

User experience and durability

Vajra S101 has some pretty good and solid arguments why it should deserve a spot on your computer desk. The bright LED backlighting will help you in darker environments, which is probably exactly what’s your gaming hub like. It’s cool that the arrow and WASD keys are painted red. It makes the keyboard look much sleeker and the most important keys are more easily distinguished from the others. The keys feel really solid on a keypress, unlike most of the gaming keyboards in this price range.

It’s a perfect keyboard to own if you share your living with someone else. Vajra is subtle and silent and won’t emit any disturbing noises, but it still has that necessary responsiveness to it to make you actually feel the keypress went through.

Redragon S101 Vajra & Redragon Centrophorus Gaming Mouse Combo

redragon centrophorus gaming mouse

Despite the extremely low price of the keyboard, a Redragon gaming mouse is also usually included in the bundle. The 4K FPS and 1000/1600/2000 DPI gaming mouse with an ultra fast gaming engine on board will perfectly suit the gaming kit. It’s equipped with long-lasting Teflon pads and 8 built-in tuning weights. The gold-plated USB connectors comply with all the operating systems up from Windows XP.

The verdict

If you really delve into all the functionalities of Redragon S101 Vajra gaming keyboard and acknowledge yourself that you’ll also get a free gaming mouse with the purchase, you’ll notice that there’s not much (if any at all)  other products like that on the market. It has loads of additional features that you normally just wouldn’t get from a product at this price range.

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