Tomoko MMC023 – Best mechanical keyboard under 40

Although Tomoko is gaining popularity very fast, it’s still unknown for many gamers. The company hasn’t fully established itself in the world of peripherals yet, and it already has bestsellers on Amazon – including the Tomoko MMC023. If that’s not a sign that they’re going to be the next BIG thing, then I don’t know what is. I should also mention that their products have rather low prices, especially when compared to the quality they offer. The MMC023 is a mechanical keyboard under 40$. That means you should get yours quick! Who knows if it will change when they get even more popular?

Tomoko MMC023 Review

Tomoko MMC023 front


  • 45 days money back and 1-year warranty
  • Metal case
  • Incredibly low price
  • Durable laser-engraved keycaps


  • No numpad



First of all, the Tomoko MMC023 looks way better than you would expect from a mechanical keyboard under 40$. The casing is made out of metal which makes the whole frame sturdy. It’s also a lot heavier than you would expect by looking at it. Of course excessive weight can be a downside, but in this case, it just feels like it’s made out of quality materials and it doesn’t move around on the table unless you want it to move. The keyboard is also water resistant. It has drain holes in its body which allow it to survive most accidents.

The keyboard has 87 keys that are made out of high-quality ABS plastic. The symbols are laser-engraved on the keycaps which makes it a lot more durable when compared to printed keycaps. Quickly fading keycaps are a typical flaw of budget keyboards. Luckily, this is not the case with the Tomoko keyboard, and you can have a worry-free experience for years to come.

Tomoko keyboard under

The entire keyboard has a matte finish. Besides the good looks, it also gives the keyboard a strong outer shell which protects it from scratches. You can count on it looking good, even after extended use! There are also two rubberized feet under the keyboard which hold the keyboard in place even during vigorous gaming.


As you probably already know when you’ve made it this far, the Tomoko MMC023 is a mechanical keyboard. It uses Switch Master blue switches which are clicky – they make an audible clicking sound when activated. They’re not Cherry or Kailh, but they still have a surprisingly good performance for an off-brand switch. When the clickiness may start bothering you, then it’s always possible to get some O-rings to make everything a bit more silent. Tomoko keycaps

The switches have a key force of 60±15g. It means that the keys need this much power to be activated and a press to be registered.  The keys travel distance is 4.0±0.2mm. The switches have also passed a 50 million keypress test so you can be confident of the durability of the keyboard.

Technological attributes

Just like every other mechanical keyboard, the Tomoko MMC023 has all-key anti-ghosting, in this case, 87 keys. To make it simple, you can press all the keys at the same time and they all will be registered. This feature is vital for playing at a high level because when you’re opponents are good then no mistake will go unpunished.

The budget mechanical keyboard also offers basic Fn commands like play, pause, next and previous track, and calculator. If you’re the type of gamer who likes to listen to music, then this feature makes your life a lot easier.

Tomoko side

Should you buy this mechanical keyboard under 40$?

If you’ve reached the end of the article and you’re still not convinced then maybe this keyboard isn’t for you. But if you want to get the most out of your money then this should be one of your top picks. When you compare this keyboard to other budget mechanical keyboards then you can easily see the quality difference. The Tomoko keyboards’ sturdy frame and durable keycaps are something that most other budget keyboards lack. Plus the sleek and solid design makes it stand out both in a gaming and an office environment.


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