Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 100

It turns out that to get yourself a reliable and best mechanical keyboard under 100 you don’t necessarily need to head straight to Chinese wholesale websites. There are plenty of great choices from popular and big brands like Razer and Corsair. While lacking some extra gimmicks like their more expensive alternatives, most gamers will find them more than enough to enable them to compete in high-level e-sports scene.

In addition to under 100 mechanical keyboards, we have featured some keyboards under 50 for people with a really tight budget in this article. These keyboards are also quite powerful on performance but commonly start to wear off just slightly faster.

KeyboardBuild TypeSwitch Type
Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2016StandardRazer
Corsair STRAFECorsair STRAFEStandardCherry MX(All types)
Azio MGK1-KStandardKailh Brown
Corsair K65 VengeanceTenkeylessCherry MX Red
CM Storm QuickFire RapidTenkeylessCherry MX Red/Brown

The Best Mechanical Keyboards Under 100 Reviews

While it’s true that most high-end mechanical keyboards cost well over 100, there still is quite a competition between more accessible and affordable keyboards.  We have sought out the most appealing and best performance products out of many candidates. We have taken aspects like build quality, switch performance, anti-ghosting, design and overall response from gamers into account. It will be assured that many fellow gamers and even e-sports level gamers have shown great interest into these keyboards.

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2016 Elite Mechanical Keyboard

razer blackwidow ultimate 2016 mechanical gaming keyboard

This keyboard is barely under 100, but almost always has discount tags on it on different online vendors. What’s so good about this keyboard that it’s not the first release the series. The 2016 edition is a massive improvement from its predecessors and has a lot of updated features.

The award-winning Razer Mechanical Switches have been improved to a point where other gaming keyboards manufacturers are contemplating to also make use of these switches. They have optimized the switches to offer you unmatched speed, responsiveness and control over your decisions. The factory standard for these switches is to last about at least 60 million keystrokes. With a two-year warranty, you are destined to make good use from Razer Blackwidow Ultimate for a long time.

They have upgraded the keycaps to avoid smudging and fingerprints getting on them. Each keycap is illuminated separately, and with the help of Razer Synapse, you could customize the color schemes and dynamic lighting effects to countless of different variations.

Corsair STRAFE Mechanical Keyboard

corsair strafe mechanical gaming keyboard

What’s good about Corsair STRAFE is that you could get it exactly tuned to your needs. And by that I mean you are able to choose between seven different CHERRY MX switch types. This offers you a lot of freedom about how much force you need to apply the keycaps for the switches to actuate. The shell of this keyboard is really great, and you can now even choose how you want it to operate.

The keycaps have a unique LED backlighting system which is customizable as far your imagination goes. If you don’t have time to mess around with the setup, you have six different presets from Corsair to choose from. The Corsair Utility Engine offers you tons of cool features and possibilities to create macros or redefining your current keybindings.

In addition, you are able to pick either an FPS or MOBA version of the keyboard. This means that the most used keycaps are accordingly contoured and textured for you to better recognize them. The whole keyboard, and yes I mean 100% of the keyboard is armed with anti-ghosting rollover. You can press as many your keys as fast as you would like, all of them register in the right order through the super fast USB connection.

Azio MGK1-K Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

azio backlit mgk1-k mechanical gaming keyboard

The most out of the box approach keyboard in this review. Instead of using Cherry MX switches, Azio MGK1-K keyboard is equipped with Kailh brown switches. People are reporting extremely long life span for the switches and also for the keycaps. When usually you could start seeing the keycaps wearing off in six months, it’s not the issue for Azio MGK1-K.

The design is really sleek and simplistic, making it really easy for gaming use and typing. The aluminum surface glows surrealistically in the dim environment. LED lighting behind every keycap gives it a nice industrial look. Also, it is really easy to clean up any dirt and spillages on metal surfaces.

Overall this mechanical keyboard does exactly what it should do and does it well. For the price, it’s available for and the fact it should last at least 50 million keystrokes, it is a real bargain. It also has a detachable wrist rest for enhanced comfort and ergonomics.

Corsair Vengeance K65 Compact Mechanical Keyboard

corsair vengeance k65 mechanical gaming keyboard

From this point on, we are going to discuss keyboards that are remarkably cheaper than previous ones but that for a reason. These keyboards are considerably smaller, compact and minimalistic than normal gaming keyboards. Multimedia and MMORPG might consider as a setback, but it sure is rather good news for MOBA(LoL), FPS(Overwatch, CSGO) and real time(Starcraft 2) strategy gamers.

Minimalist tenkeyless keyboards are getting more popular as time goes by. Corsair Vengeance K65 has found its way on many gamers’ arsenal who tend to travel a lot or just like its minimalist design. Some even use it as an alternative keyboard for LAN parties, while they have another, bigger keyboard at their house.

Its anodized gunmetal design is slick and aesthetic. It’s also very easy to maintain and take care of. In our opinion. it leaves it a real nice elite look. 100% anti-ghosting with a cable management USB will ensure your Cherry MX Red switches always get the necessary work done. Some say that the buttons are a bit too loud for their taste. Although, when buying a mechanical keyboard with aluminum chassis, it’s something you just need to take into account.

CM Storm QuickFire Rapid Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard

cm storm quickfire mechanical keyboard

QuickFire Rapid has an N-key rollover in USB mode so even most technical your combos and macros will get registered perfectly. Every keycap has exclusive UV coating so they will take more beating than you would expect. The reduced size will leave more room for your mouse movements and is overall better for your gaming form.

What makes QuickFire special among other tenkeyless keyboards is that it actually has 7 multimedia key shortcuts. This way you could control your community functions like sound and voice like with normal-sized keyboards. Each and every keycap has LED background lighting. There are not many tenkeyless keyboards with backlighting, but this already is a different beast. There are five different brightness levels to choose from. You can adjust it right for your personal preferences.

Default package includes Cherry MX Red switches. They are really well done and offer perfect linear low-resistance actuation force gaming experience. People with opposite preferences are free to choose the Cherry MX Brown switches.

So which one of these is the best mechanical gaming keyboard under 100?

Fortunately, the selection of mechanical keyboards under 100 does not end here. There are plenty of more quite decent and much more cheaper options out there. However, in this article, we tried to include the most optimal picks so it would be easier to choose from for you. Whether you prefer a tenkeyless or a full-sized gaming keyboard, there should be something for you. If to pinpoint one overall best keyboard from this article, we would go for Corsair STRAFE Mechanical Keyboard.

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