What is the Best Keyboard For Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is one of these games when you rarely have time to catch a breath. You can’t sit back and relax for even 10 seconds to see what’s the bigger picture of the current game state. You always have to be focused, follow your strategy and adapt to changes/surprises at the same time. It’s not like in the League of Legends. When you die, you have some spare time to check on your teammates and see what’s going on elsewhere.

So, if you don’t have any time to spare in Starcraft, you surely can’t miss any important actions caused by a crappy or incompetent keyboard or gaming mouse. Your keyboard for Starcraft 2 needs to be able to process keypresses at very high speeds and feel comfortable at the same time. So you won’t even notice that it’s there

See? Your keyboard needs to be top of the class and highly reliable.

Best mechanical keyboard for Starcraft 2

The main aspect you should be looking for in a mechanical keyboard should be its switches. You need switches with a low actuation force to enable high-speed keypresses. We’re thinking of something like similar to Cherry MX Red‘s since they’re very popular among many SC2 gamers. Basically, any switches around demanding around ~50g force to trigger the actions are OK!

Best Overall Gaming Keyboard – Razer Blackwidow

This is the gaming keyboard used by one out of four professional Starcraft 2 gamers. Some notable mentions: Liquid Taeja, Liquid Snute, KT Zest, KT Flash, FXO Feenock and so on and so forth. There certainly must be something why everyone is picking it for their main weapon of choice.

Razer Blackwidow

The configurational settings for the Razer Blackwidow can be later changed through the Razer Synapse software. The switches are very similar to Cherry MX Red switches; only they click a little bit sooner enabling you to commit super-fast plays!

Notable features

  • 60 million+ keystrokes
  • Customizable backlight with 5 different LED colors
  • Full anti-ghosting with 10-key rollover
  • Features mechanical switches by Razer especially engineered for hardcore gaming

Best Budget Gaming Keyboard – Thermaltake Knucker

While we have picked Razer Blackwidow for best overall, some might wish to start off their road to success in Starcraft with a keyboard a little bit easier on their wallet. Razer has managed to build a huge brand for themselves and hence the price. Fortunately, there are cheaper alternatives not falling behind in build quality and performance! TT eSports Knucker is well up for the challenge. It is also used by Creator Prime, KT Action, AnNyeong Prime and many other professional Starcraft 2 players.

We have also done an in-depth review on this keyboard. You can check it out here!

Notable features

  • More than 50% cheaper than Razer Blackwidow
  • Anti-ghosting up to 12 keys
  • Membrane keyboard in essence, but the qualities of a mechanical keyboard
  • Illuminated LED backlighting

Best keyboard for Starcraft 2 Verdict

These are our decisions based on the statistics among pro gaming scene and overall feedback surrounding these two keyboards. We have made this real simple for you: if money is not the issue, go for the Razer Blackwidow, for it’s slightly more durable and has more configuration settings and gimmickies. If however, you’re low on funds, Tt eSports Knucker will do the job at least as good as the Blackwidow!


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