VersionTech Red EACH G4000 Gaming Headset

Normally, people avoid budget headsets because manufacturers don’t bother putting enough effort into design and build quality. Audio quality is usually rather good, but the design and build quality are the factors which leave lots of potential gaming headsets to gather dust on the counters. VersionTech, however, has seen this through and created Red EACH G400 gaming headset, which also stands out in design and looks. If your budget is limited, maybe this is the option you have been looking for?

VersionTech Red EACH G4000 Review

So, let’s have a closer look at what Red EACH G400 is made of.

Versiontech Red EACH G4000 side


The pervasive theme for this headset is obviously red and black – a color scheme often chosen in gaming headsets. It’s quite a safe pick because these colors will nicely match with the rest of your gaming accessories. The headband is robust, and in one piece, however, it’s flexible and will suit well for any head size.

The earcups are big and comfy. Also, they operate by closed-back principle, and they cover your ears wholly. This means they will block out any external noises and let you fully concentrate and enjoy your games. To read more how closed-back and circumaural headsets help to make you a better gamer head to this article.

There are red LED lights on the tip of the microphone and the earcups. It adds great aura and extra looks for the headset. It looks cool especially in poorly lit conditions, and for gamers, it probably isn’t an issue!

Sound Quality

The speakers for this headset are well oversized. The diameter is 50mm, while usually for the headsets it’s 40mm. Just imagine if you’re at a rock concert and they’re bringing out 20% bigger speakers. The sound will be heard much better! This is the case with G4000s vs. any other 40mm headset. VersionTech Red EACH G4000 is engineered to bring you the clearest sound and deepest bass notions in-game.

Controls and Microphone

You will have a mic mute, and volume control button built in-line the audio cord. It’s located at a comfortable height, so you don’t have to fumble too long for it.

The microphone is sturdy boom mic and unfortunately not flexible. You can lower it up and down, but when it’s too far from your mouth, excess background noises may interfere what your teammates are going to hear. It’s not an issue in quiet and moderate gaming conditions, though.


The headset is armed with standard 3.5mm audio jack. That means it’s compatible with almost every device. Whether you would like to use Red EACH G4000on a PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4 or even your phone or mp3 player, you shouldn’t run into any issues. This headset doesn’t require any extra drivers to install.

Full Technical Specs

ModelSpeaker DiameterSensitivityFrequencyWeight 
EACH G400050mm114 dB20-20 kHz333.5g / 11.8oz

VersionTech Red Each G4000 Verdict

As I mentioned in the beginning, there are not many budget headsets with a great design out on the market. VersionTech Red EACH G4000 is one of the few specimens which also have really good audio solutions and long lifespan. Here are the main key factors about this headset once more:


  1. Really cheap
  2. Great Design
  3. 50mm speakers
  4. Soft and comfy earcups


  1. Microphone is not flexible
  2. Different color schemes are slightly more expensive

Should this be your headset choice?

We would recommend this gaming headset for anyone in a serious need of a new headset but trying to save money at the same time. VersionTech Red EACH G4000 is a loyal companion which will probably serve you well for years to come.


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