Merax Fantasy Series Gaming Chair

Merax is one of the hottest PC gaming chairs producers on the market right now. Due to their high accessibility, they are currently selling even more chairs than DXRacer and will probably be a strong candidate for #1 position in 2017. They have many different gaming chairs in various price classes, with Merax Fantasy Series being one of the most affordable gaming chairs they have in production.

If there would be a reason to choose between a regular office chair and a video gaming chair, it’s probably the price. Gamers often go for the office chair because they would probably get it 3x cheaper than a DXRacer gaming chair for example. However with a little bit of more market research and digging around the forums they would soon stumble on authentic gaming chairs in the same price class as office chairs. The times when video gaming chairs were merely expensive wet dreams are over – with producers like Arozzi, Merax, and Kinsal, gaming chairs are actually now more affordable than ever.

Merax Fantasy Series Gaming Chair

Merax Fantasy Series Gaming Chair Review


  • Very affordable
  • Attractive and posh design
  • Lumbar and head support
  • Quality PU leather


  • No padding on armrests
  • Wheels are not very carpet-friendly



Merax fantasy series reclinable

Merax Fantasy Series gaming chair is constructed with the aim of supporting various spine types individually. Tilt locking system allows the chair to lower the back all the way down to 180 degrees. After finding the perfect angle, you can fine-tune your position with headrest and lumbar support pillows.

You can also adjust the height of the chair vertically. This way you are able to adjust your sitting position in a way it would stress your knees and glutes as little as possible. It is important to follow these guidelines for you to be able to spend long hours behind your desk without affecting your life quality outside the virtual world too much.

Build Quality

The chair is coated with quality PU leather material. It is easily cleanable with a damp cloth and is said to be hydrophobic, but this quality will usually wear off pretty fast in the course of time. At least the leather will maintain its original looks and integrity even during constant use.

The base and chair legs feel and look cheap, but they are actually quite durable and have a weight capacity up to 225lbs. The base will withstand your weight even at greatly tilted angles. The only noticeable issue with the build would be the length of the armrests. People are reporting that they would have wanted a little bit wider and longer armrests and the armrests are also not padded. Padding, however, shouldn’t be too big of an issue, because your arms are probably resting on your gaming mouse and gaming keyboard in the first place.


Merax Fantasy Series edition gaming chairs have a similar look to a racing chair design and are available in up to eight different color choices. The most sought-after color pick is the popular red/black version, but we would highlight the elegant and posh gold/black color choice fitting luxurious and professional gaming setups.

The Verdict Of Merax Fantasy Series Gaming Chair

Merax Fantasy Series gaming chair is meant for gamers looking to get their hands on a decent gaming chair for a relatively affordable price. It is a perfect pick for your first ever gaming chair. It is able to fine-tune the ergonomic features exactly to your comfort and liking. In addition, the elegant and unique design will make a great addition to your gaming room interior design elements.


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