First Look At Kinsal Gaming Chair

Unlike many other competing gaming chair brands, Kinsal Gaming Chair is offering premium quality for a much broader audience because of its affordable price tag. It’s attractive looks, available features and reliability are main factors of attraction for this gaming chair.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable and less expensive than other gaming chairs
  • Tilt and swivel functions up to standard
  • Additional lumbar and head rest included in the package


  • Armrests might feel a bit short
  • Zippers are showing on the back


Kinsal Gaming Chair Review

This chair is mostly aimed at fellow gamers, because they out of all people tend to spend most time behind the computer desk all day. However, this chair is just for everyone looking for a perfect piece of furniture offering back support.


This gaming chair is aimed to ease the pressure on your spine during extended sittings. You can adjust the height adjustable backrest exactly to your liking. The chair was recently upgraded to suit better also for the larger sizes. So if you’re a big guy looking for a fitting chair, you can be assured that Kinsal Gaming Chair will certainly fit you.

For a bonus, you will also get a free lumbar and headrest support pillow in the package. Their position is also customizable to suit your needs. The lumbar and headrest support will help you maintain the position of your body which is anatomically correct and will take the risk on your spine and joints to the minimum.

Build quality

Initially, the chair is dismantled into several pieces but could be assembled easily in three simple steps. There are only 6 separate pieces and they’re all constructed of metal, making the chair structurally very strong and firm.

Kinsal gaming chair has a pentagonal 360-degree wheelbase. The wheel movement is smooth and silent. It won’t roll well on thick carpets, but wooden floors and regular rugs are completely acceptable.


The inspiration for the design elements come straight from the racing car seat prototypes. There are two different available design options – black/red and black/blue variations. While similar at a glance, the color patterns are actually different from each other.

Large-sized chairs have five additional color schemes – white, pink, orange, green and another blue. This means you’re able to select from a huge selection of different color variations to suit perfectly in your house, apartment or even office.

Kinsal Gaming Chair

Technical details


  • High quality and easily cleanable PU leather cover
  • Tubular steel frame and pentagonal star base


  • Max capacity: 280 LB
  • Sitting height: 17.5 – 20.5″
  • Backrest: 34.5″ x 16″
  • Seat: 20″ – 16″
  • 90 to 180 degrees tilt mechanism(adjustable gas spring)

Should you buy the Kinsal gaming chair?

Kinsal offers a surprisingly good-looking and feature rich gaming chair not usually seen in this price range. You will be easily able to spend more than 6 hours gaming or binging TV series sessions in this chair without feeling sore or stiff at all. Because of its attractive looks, you can be sure to receive many positive comments from your friends or guests while they’re at your place. Overall, this gaming chair is half the price of DXRacer gaming chairs while not lacking any features and is also very attractive.


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