AKRACING AK-7002 Professional Gaming chair

If you’re looking for the best gaming chair, you have stumbled on a great article. When people are sitting in gaming chairs, they should have access to comfortable seats so that they focus on the game in a very efficient manner. AKRACING focuses on the production of ergonomic chairs. It takes care of the design and functionality as per the latest standards. Gamers and racing game enthusiasts are benefited by the production of high-quality chairs. The company involved in the manufacture of racing chairs will take feedback from users and the requirements of users will be incorporated as the design feasibility. That’s how the AKRACING AK-7002 was born.

AKRACING AK-7002 Gaming chair review

akracing ak 7002Before going in-depth, have a look at the pros and cons to get the overall picture of the product.


  • Very good build quality, long lifespan
  • Good for your posture. Supports different sitting styles
  • High-end looks and design


  • Takes a little time to ‘wear it in’

Different styles of chairs

While composing the AKRACING AK-7002 review, we went through different kinds of gaming chairs. There are different models and styles which can be selected as per your budget, comfort level, and functionality. You should never compromise on the functionality. The chair should be durable and there should be comfort enhancement. Even though these chairs are readily available in Europe, you can order them from other parts of the globe as well.

If you visit their official website, you will come across the latest models. Complete information about chairs will be provided. You can go through images and description and settle for the best chair without any issues. AKRACING products can be ordered online. They will be delivered to your doorsteps. You can follow the company on social networking site including Facebook. If you contact the customer or technical support, you will get complete information about the chair. You will get advice so that the chair that offers great convenience for your requirements can be selected very easily. There will not be any regret when you purchase a high-quality racing chair after going through the extensive information and advice offered by experts.

Features and specifications

The AKRACING AK-7002 chair will be delivered to your doorsteps in a great package. The chair will be packed as per the latest industry standards so that there will not be any damage during transit. Even though the package goes through many days of movement from one location to another, the chair will be safe and you will be able to install it very easily. The weight of the package is 25 kg. When the packing is good, you will not have to deal with broken parts. So, there will not be any requirements to call the company and fix things.

The seat comes with upholstery copper clips and it will be similar to an expensive chair fitted in a sports car. You can find high-quality stitches. Screws and washers needed to assemble the chair are threaded together and placed at their positions so that you can finish the task very easily. Right, screws can be kept at a place very confidently. Some relief is provided in between bolts and the area will be hidden with other pieces. The rips and tears will be prevented in this process. The brand logo is present on bolsters and head of the seat. You can find arms rest readily attached to it. The armrest can be adjusted as per your convenience.

Connections to the back of the chair are provided underneath the foam. The connections should be covered properly so that they will not be damaged very easily. The upholstery is visible from the base of the chair. There are pillows which should be used with the chair so that there will be better lumbar support. The smaller pillow is used to give support to your neck/head.

AKRACING AK-7002 gaming chair comes with five wheelbases. As the chair is made up of sturdy metal, it can withstand rough abuse. If you go through the instructions, it is very easy to install the chair. Required tools are readily available with the kit. Hence, you will not want to purchase additional tools and equipment to complete the installation.

AKRACING AK-7002 Gaming chair/racing chair

AKRACING manufactures chairs meant for gaming and racing games. There are premium-grade gaming chairs which appear like racing chairs. The ergonomic AKRACING AK-7002 racing series offer best features. These chairs can be used to sit in front of the computer and you can spend endless hours without experiencing any pain in the back, head or neck region.

akracing ak 7002

The appearance of the chair gives a new form of a gaming chair. It is similar to the interior of a sports car. Because of the presence of soft material, the comfort level is very much enhanced. If you sit in front of the desk, many parts of your body will be strained. There will be a firm support to various parts such as wrists, neck, arms and shoulders. The chair will support the spine in a very efficient way so that there will be great relaxation.

akracing ak 7002 pedestal

There will be very quick results when you use AKRACING chairs. The attention to detail and great care is taken in the design of the chair will help you overcome posture-related issues very efficiently. The chair can be tilted 12 degrees. Chairs are equipped with a class-4 gas lift. Each chair can support up to 150 kg. Wheels won’t break very easily.  No nasty scratches are formed on the floor. You can add racing novelty to your office and get great comfort by using the AKRACING chairs.


AKRACING AK-7002 is a very high-quality chair designed as per the latest industry standards. The ergonomically designed chair will let you make the most of your investment. The arm rests are very low and wide. They can be adjusted as per your needs. The assembly can be completed in less than 15 minutes. The chair looks as it is advertised on the website. The chair is extremely safe because of the metal construction. The height, tilt, and back can be adjusted very easily. The chair gives carbon fiber look. The 180-degree backrest adjustment allows you to adjust it as per your needs. The optimum grip on the ground is obtained by the metal base with rubberized footrest for optimal grip. Your gaming sessions will be more efficient and there will be great relaxation at any time.

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